About Me

Hey friends! I’m Kirsten Alexis, and I am a California-based content creator and outdoor adventure enthusiast. I believe that life truly begins outside our comfort zones, and that we become our best selves by stepping into the unknown.

I was raised on Jimmy Buffet and Rolling Stones songs, beaches and messy art projects. I was lucky to have grown up in a time where outdoor adventures were mandatory, where playing outside and having a big imagination was the best therapy, and when social media was nonexistent.

When I was 12 my life completely changed. I had spinal fusion surgery for moderate-severe scoliosis. You could say I was uncool before it was cool. We’re talking rolling backpack, back brace and braces… Let’s just say when you look that good it teaches you to have a big personality. Jokes aside, the experience taught me that life is so short, and can change very quickly. It taught me to be grateful for what I have and to always follow my dreams while I can.

I got my Bachelors of Arts degree from UCLA. My main focuses were photography, painting and drawing. I loved nothing more than getting out of civilization and documenting my experiences. I held art shows in Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area.

I live for outdoor adventures, especially mountaineering, hiking, and skiing (alpine and cross-country). I’m definitely most comfortable all geared up, and feel that some of the best therapy in my life comes from pushing myself out of current comfort zones.

I strive to create content that is original, engaging and inspiring rather than cookie-cutter work that instills a fear of missing our or inadequacy. I want everyone to be motivated to live their dreams and be their best selves through creative, true-to-life storytelling.

So far, I have been to six continents and over thirty countries. A great deal of my travel has been solo, and it has taught me so much about the world, society and myself. It taught me that life is what we make of it, and that the world isn’t a big, scary place. In fact, it taught me that I am much stronger and fearless that I ever thought possible. It taught me that I am in control of my life, and I can create my own adventure and have a positive impact on the world.

Right now, I am dealing with the recovery process from two knee surgeries. It forced me to slow down and focus on rebuilding myself. While I still have big dreams, I am now focused on rebuilding myself, pursuing personal greatness, and going on adventures with purpose.

See you on the trail!

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